Why hello!  I see you’ve found the “about” page!  I’m willing to bet that you found it faster than it took me to figure out how to edit it.  As you can see, I’m bad with technology, a holder of a B. A. and a fierce lover of all things curry.  You’ve already joined me on my wild ride around the world so now follow me, stumbling and cursing, into the realm of food blogging!

I’m into fresh, vegan food that never compromises flavour!  My goal is to have something for everyone: someone who has to learn to eat with various allergies, someone who wants to explore a more plant-based diet and someone who just wants to try something different for dinner.  Bon appetit!

Here are a couple more pages that will help you understand how Niesbeetle came to be the blog it is today:

Did you just use the word “bro”?
The future: DUNH DUNH DUNH

Oh, and I don’t measure chocolate chips.  You’ve been warned!!


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