An introduction and matcha-colate smoothie


Hello my sweet Internets, Did you say the title of this post out loud?  If not, you’re probably missing out…unless you’re a freak like me who constantly has voices in their head and doesn’t need to say things out loud to hear them.  Wow, that made me sound crazy. This will be my first official post as a food blogger and I felt I should explain some stuff, like my food philosophy and what-not.  Please let me know if you have questions or comments or requests because I’m learning as I go!

First, you may have picked up on the fact that I’m a veggie lover.  Like, big time.  Did you really get how much of a veggie lover I am, though?  Okay, okay.  I’m just taking forever to say that I’m one of them vegans; one of those crazy 2014 hippies (a term coined by my favourite crazy bitch to describe 98% of the population of Pai) that subsists solely on fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains.  There will be no meat, meat products, dairy, cheese, eggs or any animal products at all on this blog.  Ever.

Why the extreme diet, you say?  Many moons ago, while I was still in high school, I started learning more about how factory farmed meat is produced and I got very sad that animals had to die so I could eat.  As I started learning more about the meat industry, my reasons for remaining a veggie-lover shifted from “the poor animals die!” to “I should really do my part to preserve the environment” and I began to reduce the amount of eggs and dairy I consumed because I figured a little would go a long way.  I started cooking with fewer animal products, I consulted the Internets on how to make versions of my favourite foods (cookies, mostly) and, eventually, I got to the point where I wouldn’t cook with any animal ingredients at all but would occasionally eat some when I was out.  After awhile, I decided that I may as well go full-on vegan, partly because I was curious and partly because I thought it would be a challenge.  And I love a challenge.

Although it might seem intimidating and restrictive at first, I’ve grown into it and it really does become effortless.  That being said, I don’t care about trying to convince everyone to go vegan or even vegetarian.  I have no patience for people like that.  I believe we’re omnivores (hence our pointy canines!) but I would personally feel like a complete hypocrite if I were to eat animals and animal products because I know what happens on factory farms and I’m not cool with it.  But you might be, and that’s perfectly fine.

The thing I come back to again and again when I reflect on my reasons for eating the foods that I choose to eat is that it doesn’t take a lot to change the world.  Even just a little change can make a big impact but little shifts cause avalanches.  I think that most people think of changing the world as something that requires a lot of effort and money but tend to forget that it’s the little things that make us all a little happier that can really make a difference.

For instance, I remember riding the bus home from work on a Friday afternoon just a few days after the Boston Marathon bombings and Kim Jong-Un began making threats about nuclear weapons to the international community.  I was feeling pretty down about the state of the world when I noticed that my bus driver was telling everyone stepping off the bus to have a good weekend.  It was a tiny little gesture but it was a kind gesture and it reminded me that there is some good in the world.  The moral of the story is: try to improve the world with little choices, whether that be holding the door for someone, not being a jerk to the person on the customer-service line or choosing to eat one meatless meal this week.

The goal of my re-invented blog is not to force people into eating the way I do.  I’ve often had people ask me for recipes of things that I’ve made or for ideas on how to feed a fellow veggie lover who’s coming over for dinner.  I mostly use whole ingredients and try to minimized the processed stuff as much as I can (but the occasional indulgence in some Daiya cheese won’t kill me).  Maybe you want to start a transition to eating more veggie friendly things; maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with a bunch of allergies and need some inspiration (I personally think I have a problem with wheat so many of my recipes will be wheat-free); maybe you just want to switch things up.  My goal is to cater to you all! Without further ado or gabbing, here is the recipe for the smoothie that I’ve been knocking back almost everyday for the past two weeks!


Matcha-colate smoothie

2 cups (or more!) greens of your choice
1.5 cups almond (or other) milk*, plus more, if needed to facilitate blending
1 banana, frozen
1-3 tsp matcha powder*
1-2 tbsp seeds (ex. chia, flax, hemp) A few drops of stevia or a couple dates, to taste*
1-2 tbsp cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips

1.) Throw the greens into the blender first–you want the banana to weigh it down so it gets ground up really small!

2.) Cut the frozen banana into small pieces and add to the blender with the almond milk.

3.) Add the rest of the ingredients and blend!  Remember to add a little bit of sweeteners and flavourings first and then taste it–you can always add more later.

4.) Pour into a glass and throw in your cacao nibs or chocolate chips.  Drink!

Notes: 1.) I usually use unsweetened almond milk so I can control the amount of sugar I’m consuming.  Feel free to use sweetened milk but you probably won’t need dates or stevia.  A combo of almond with some coconut water is also lovely!  2.) Matcha powder is just ground up green tea leaves!  By consuming the entire leaf, you’re getting a buttload more of the antioxidants that green tea is known for!  You can buy it at health food stores or just buy bulk green tea leaves and grind them up in a coffee grinder. 3.) If you use unsweetened milk, depending on your taste buds, you may want to add some additional sweetness.  Use stevia or dates to satisfy that sweet tooth naturally!


I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I am right now.  I’ve been eating it for breakfast but I think it could also make a delicious dessert!  Please let me know if you try this and let me know how you like it!

In excitement, my Internets,


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