Hello again, fair Internets.

As you may have guessed, I arrived on the ground in Winnipeg in one piece on Monday night and I’ve been busy visiting people, calling people, trying to sort out my life and sloooooooowly unpacking (just kidding, I don’t unpack).  I feel like I never left and that time should just pick up where I left off; I find myself wondering where all the Christmas decorations are and what my New Years plans will be.  In general, I thought my I had my life together more when I didn’t know where I’d be sleeping that night.

I’ve been getting two questions asked to me by nearly everyone: “Are you glad to be home?” and “What was your trip like?”.  Both are big questions with answers one may not expect but I’ll try my best to FAQ it like I did in my first post (which I still think is my best post to date.  I got a lot less witty over time!).

1.) Aren’t you glad to be back home in the Peg?

In short, not really.  Sure, it’s great to see all my friends, fam, my Cub, the Beef and, of course, my pretty kitty but, if I hadn’t booked my return ticket, I would still be in India (or Nepal, or somewhere) right now.  I had the feeling early on in my travels–as in, before I even left Cambodia–that four months wasn’t going to be long enough and I still feel that way.  I wasn’t ready to come back, I have more to see and do.  So, because it would’ve cost a lot of money and stress to try to arrange a flight out of somewhere else, I am back in Winnipeg (trying so hard to get used to the cold, which is hard when you come from +40 degrees everyday!) prematurely and already itching to get back out of this bubble.

2.) What was your trip like?

What’s your brain like?  Do you see red the same way that I see red?  Why do cats like enclosed spaces?  All of these questions are difficult to answer, as is “What was your trip like?”  It was a lot of things; it was amazing, it was scary, it was hilarious, it was hard, it was ridiculous, it was too safe, it was spicy, it was exactly what it needed to be.  This question is so hard to answer on so many levels that, when people ask me, I usually freeze up and say something like, “Uh…I went bungee jumping and that was pretty cool.”  To help me explain this question, I’m going to let the following never-before-seen pictures do the talking.



Playing with so many elephants at Elephant Nature Park!


Fire extinguishers in India.


Mennos in Thailand?! They really can’t do temperate climates ever…


Classic Thailand.


Chillin’ in a hole-in-the-wall cafe in Hue that had a playlist that included “Summer of ’69” and “Hotel California”. They were killing it!


Speaking of Hotel California…we wanted to stay here but we wanted to be able to leave after we checked out.


This happens at night markets in Pai.


Sass-tastic pose by my favourite crazy bitch.


View of Jodhpur, the Blue City.


Sunset on a beach of the South China Sea near Phan Thiet, Vietnam.

Till I have something else to bother you with, Internets,


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