I’ve started my long, long journey back to the Peg. It started in the middle of the night in Delhi, navigating Indira Ghandi airport that is quite similar to Suvarnabhumi.  This time, I was wiser and made sure to check that my meal was absolutely confirmed before I got on my 3:20AM flight to Shanghai.

As I tried desperately to sleep, I kept thinking about the day(s) I left.  I remember thinking of flying for almost a day and a half as a job, something that just needed to get done.  I remembered walking off the plane in Phnom Penh and how incredibly humid and hot it was.  I remembered being so worried my bag wouldn’t arrive, that they wouldn’t let me into the country, that there would be nobody there to pick me up because we were so delayed in the air.

Now, I’m on my flight from Pudong airport to good ol’ YVR.  When I landed in Shanghai, it was like dêja vu (which was kind of weird because I had just been listening to Hamish and Andy discuss the peculiar phenomenon).  I stood in the same line to transfer flights, went through the same security checks and worried that I wouldn’t get through in time–as usual.

As I make my way back to Canadian soil–which I will be standing on in 12 short (ha!) hours–I feel like I’m going through everything in reverse.  Except this time, I get to meet K, my awesome friend I met in Cambodia and find out how she’s planning to take on the world today.

See you on the flip side, Internets,


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