Three days on Halong Bay


As a part of my extended stay in Vietnam, I decided to meet up with my good friend that I met in Cambodia, TN (you all know her!) to go on a cruise of Halong Bay.  I mean, why not?

The bus picked me up first the morning we were supposed to leave so I sat on the edge of my seat as I waited to see her on the side of the road.  When I did, I jumped out like a crazy person and hugged the crap out of her.  Then, we spent the entire four hour drive catching up on our activities since we last saw each other in Cambodia just two weeks before, although it felt more like a month.

We arrived at the harbour, got ferried off to the ship wearing lifejackets (Vietnam is letting me down on the whole “disregard for safety” front) and settled into our room before being fed a massive lunch.  Like, 11 courses massive.

Throughout the three days we were cruising around Halong Bay, we saw a really big cave not unlike the Phong Nha Caves near Dong Hoi; “hiked” to the top of one of the islands where some guy who clearly doesn’t know the first thing about world geography, referred to this as “basically the top of the world”; had to deal with women from the fishing village trying to sell us things outside our window; kayaked around a small bay and went jelly fishing!  We even had a very romantic Valentine’s Day, complete with trying to give each other the ugliest gifts we could find.



The cave!



We went to see how they make pearls at a pearl farm. It's incredibly violent.


...but we got to see a huge jellyfish!!


...and these hilarious signs! I'm regretting really bad right now.


Our jelly in the ugly shell TN gave me for Valentine's Day!

Finally, on the last day, I got really sick and that sickness continue until today. 

Love you, internets!


Top of the earth, basically.


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