Help, I’m alive


That right, Internets!  Panic post #2 where you all donate your precious time to reading about my psychological instability!  What’s got me freakin’ this time?  What could be more nerve-wracking than preparing to get on a series of airplanes, flying to the other side of the world and setting up camp with a family I don’t know in Cambodia for a couple months?

I’m set to leave Cambodia, my home and comfort zone for the last 10 weeks for Vietnam in less than a week!  In fact, I plan to blow this popsicle stand in just a couple days.  Then I’ll be living the life of a true backpacker for 33 days while I ride an assortment of buses, trains, tuk tuks, motos, songthaews through Vietnam, Laos and Thailand before living a life of (relative) luxury in India.

I’m excited but it feels really weird knowing that I won’t have a home-base until I’m back in Canada.  Maybe I’ll end up loving it and doing the same thing later this year; maybe I’ll hate it and never want to backpack again but I’ll, at least, overcome that fear of leaving my comfort zone here in Phnom Penh.


Making comfort food--soup!

All anxiety aside, I’m really excited to be moving on to other places.  The traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, the veggie food in Hue, the architecture of Hoi An, the tunnels in Vieng Xai, the elephants in Luang Prabang, my cooking course in Chiang Mai (yes, I’m planning on becoming a professional Thai cook while I’m here!) and the hustle bustle of Bangkok–not to mention protests!  Just kidding, I probably won’t get anywhere near those.

As of this morning, I finally stopped procrastinating and bought my bus ticket out of Phnom Penh and on to Ho Chi Minh City.  Between finishing my last day teaching kindergarten (where there were lots of tears…on my part) and dinner, I’ve begun packing and it feels like I’m being completely uprooted from my life again.  Although, there’s a lot less stress in terms of figuring out what to pack and feeling pressured to see all these people compared to when I left The Peg. 

Yet again, I feel I’m ill prepared to do what I’m about to do but I just keep telling myself that I’ll figure it out.  I think if I’ve escaped with my life after biking on busy city streets in Phnom Penh, I can handle anything.


Playin' cards on the farm.

Salut, dear Cambodia.  I will miss you dearly and, I promise, I will return.

(The former) Teacher Mega


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